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MEMS-Based Inclinometer Solution

ADI's MEMS multi-axis accelerometer products is used to design a high-precision tilt angle measurement solution. For power and communication tower applications, the solution can provide accuracy of ±0.05° within 30°. The whole scheme includes calibration and alignment algorithms, as well as low-power design, which can be improved according to customer requirements.

ADI offers:
  • ±0.05° accuracy in +/-30° range
  • Sensor calibration and alignment algorithm
  • Ultralow power design

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Press Release
Jun 16 2020: University of Limerick and Analog Devices Announce Scholarship Programs
Jun 15 2020: Analog Devices Wins Transatlantic Growth Award from BritishAmerican Business after Opening New UK Headquarters
Jun 4 2020: Analog Devices to Participate in the Stifel 2020 Cross Sector Insight Conference

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What’s in Your Healthcare Monitor?
Consumers are increasingly interested in monitoring their own health due to both increased health awareness and the ability to use monitoring to prevent or treat various diseases. For instance, diabetes, obesity, and high cholesterol levels are pervasive problems—due in no small part to changes in lifestyles—while at the same time, the proliferation of smartphones and wearable devices enable consumers to use health monitoring applications to assist them in maintaining optimal health.
Smart Sensors: From Big Data to Smart Data with AI
Industry 4.0 applications generate a huge volume of complex data—big data. The increasing number of sensors and, in general, available data sources are making the virtual view of machines, systems, and processes ever more detailed. This naturally increases the potential for generating added value along the entire value chain. At the same time, however, the question as to how exactly this value can be extracted keeps arising—after all, the systems and architectures for data processing are becoming more and more complex. Only with relevant, high quality, and useful data—smart data—can the associated economic potential be unfolded.

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